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Waterfall is a third location/area the protagonist encounters in the Underground. This area is accessible after defeating Papyrus. This area follows Snowdin Forest and Snowdin Town, and precedes Hotland.



  • The protagonist can find an Old Tutu behind waterfall and Ballet Shoes in the tall grass.
  • Gerson sells Cloudy Glasses and Torn Notebook.

Main Story

Neutral Route

Upon entering Waterfall, the protagonist passes Sans's sentry station, where Sans offers to take them to Grillby's. Proceeding through Waterfall, Monster Kid talks to the protagonist and expresses enthusiasm to see Undyne in action. Monster Kid unknowingly saves the protagonist from Undyne on a couple occasions.

As they progress through puzzles involving bridge seeds, the protagonist speaks to Papyrus and Onionsan. During one encounter with Undyne, she cuts the bridge that the protagonist is standing on, and the protagonist falls into the Garbage Dump. Before leaving the Garbage Dump, Mad Dummy fights the protagonist, and Napstablook invites the protagonist to their house.

After passing through rooms filled with Echo Flowers and mazes with lit paths, the protagonist fights Undyne. This battle leads to a chase scene into Hotland.

Genocide Route

On a Genocide Route, the protagonist encounters Monster Kid and Undyne's spear attacks, but the puzzles are solved. Mad Dummy becomes corporeal and transforms into Glad Dummy. Every Temmie has left Temmie Village except for the Tem Shop shopkeeper and the Temmie that looks out from the wall. After the protagonist kills Undyne, she returns as Undyne the Undying.